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Top 15 London 2012 Olympic Apps

Top 15 London 2012 Olympic Apps

Tim Berners-Lee Honored At London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony 

Well I just couldn’t hold back any longer. I had to face the elephant in the room and include the London 2012 Olympics in this blog. Just watching the opening ceremony at the moment, I was not expecting much to be honest but blimey! They have put on a very good show. I have decided that over the next few days I will be posting sports and Olympic related Gadgets an Stuff in this blog.

So here is my first round up of the top 15 London 2012 Olympic apps. Due to time constraints I have compiled these from T3 magazine, thanks boys. Please visit the original source. 

1. BBC Olympics

The BBC Olympics app requires Android 2.2 and above and flash must also be installed. But if you fulfil these criteria, you get access to all the latest news and stories, as well as live text commentary from BBC journalists and access to on-demand video highlights and all of the BBC's 24 hour live streams.

Platform: Android I Price: Free I Download BBC Olympics Android app

2. Journey Pro

Journey Pro helps you get around London with as little hassle as is possible, thanks to real-time journey planning and zoomable interactive maps for Tramlink, River Service, National Rail and London tube services (though you will need an internet connection).

Platform: iOS & Android I Price: Free I Download Journey Pro Android app

3. London Flame

Jump over obstacles, collect water bottles and other power-ups to keep your energy levels high and get the Olympic Torch to the London Games! Incredibly simply, but surprisingly addictive. And you can compete with other players around the world too!

Platform: Windows Phone 7 I Price: Free I Download London Flame app

4. Samsung: Take Part 2012

You'll need some pretty stout hardware to run some of these 3D and Augmented reality games, but they're a blast if your device can manage it. Challenge your friends to a game, or compete on worldwide leaderboards.

Platform: Android I Price: Free I Download Samsung: Take Part 2012 Android app

5. Westfield Stratford City

With Westfield Shopping Centre just nearby to the Olympic Park, this interactive guide is more than welcome. The app provides full route-finding in and around the centre, showing times for Westfield cinemas, a full directory of stores and restaurants and even job vacancies!

Platform: Android I Price: Free I Download Westfield Stratford City Android app

6. Olympic Torch tracker

The Olympic torch will come within ten miles of 95% of the population when it begins its seventy day tour of the UK. This handy application tracks the torch’s location and displays where you can go and watch its epic journey.

Platform: Android I Price: £0.50 I Download Olympic Torch tracker Android app

7. London 2012

This iPhone exclusive adds all you would expect from an Olympics application but also offers a video section, showing the different aspects of the games and information about all the venues that will be used during the games.

Platform: iPhone I Price: £0.69 I Download London 2012 iPhone app

8. 2012 Olympic News

Making full use of the unique tile system on Windows, 2012 Olympic News incorporates Facebook and Twitter into the app as well as a whole host of news outlets to make sure you stay up to date with all the latest Olympics news.

Platform: Windows Phone 7 I Price: Free I Download 2012 Olympic News Windows Phone 7 app

9. London Bus Checker

Buses will play a vital role in getting people to and from the games. This clever app lets you track your bus to find out when it’s due. You can also plan routes, find out where the nearest stop is, get up to the minute information about route changes and it will even alert you when you reach your stop.

Platform: iPhone and Android I Price: £1.66 (iPhone), £1.99 (Android) I Download London Bus Checker iPhone app I Download London Bus Checker Android app

10. London Olympics Ultimate

As it says in the title, this is the ultimate app for the London 2012 Olympics. With a complete event schedule, medal counts, predictions, daily news updates about your favourite country and the ability to discuss the games with other users.

Platform: Android I Price: Free I Download London Olympics Ultimate Android app

11. Rail Planner Live

For those who don’t live in London, or are going to one of the many events held outside of the capital via train, then this app is essential. Providing up to the minute updates, train tracking, route planning and even purchasing tickets. It is well worth the price tag.

Platform: iPhone, Android, Windows I Price: £3.99 (iPhone), £3.49 (Android), £4.99 (Windows Phone 7) I Download Rail Planner Live iPhone app I Download Rail Planner Live Android app IDownload Rail Planner Live Windows Phone 7 app

12. Coventry 2012

Yes, the Olympics will be reaching the Midlands as well this summer. Users will be able to discover what Coventry has to offer during the games, as the city is set to host some of the football matches at the Ricoh Arena stadium and contains scheduling about the matches, transport links, places to visit and navigation.

Platform: iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Symbian | Price: Free I Download Coventry 2012 app for iPhone I Download Coventry 2012 app for Android I Download Coventry 2012 app for BlackBerry | Download Coventry 2012 app for Symbian

13. TopTable Restaurant finder

If you want to discover the best restaurants in London then this is the only app you will need. It offers detailed reviews of eateries in your area. Simply find your position on GPS or search via a postcode. It even allows you to book tables and displays the latest offers the restaurants have. A Michelin Star app.

14. Trip Advisor

For those who are unfamiliar with London and are looking to explore the city, then this is the app for you. Building on the superb Trip Advisor website, this offers a complete offline guide of London, with details of attractions, tours, hotels and restaurants. You can even use GPS to locate yourself to your desired location.

Platform: iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 I Price: Free I Download Trip Advisor iPhone app I Download Trip Advisor Android app I Download Trip Advisor Windows Phone 7 app

15. Tube Map

The tube is one of the best ways to get around London and will be very popular in the summer. This app provides a simple but easy to use map, displaying all of the lines on the underground network, real time departures, journey planning and line closures. A must for commuters.

Platform: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry I Price: Free I Download Tube Map iPhone app I Download Tube Map Android app I Download Tube Map Windows Phone 7 app |Download Tube Map BlackBerry app

Some Pictures Of The London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

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