Thursday, 9 August 2012

HTC Endeavour C2 leak

HTC Endeavour C2 leak spills the specs on the One X successor

This is not the first rumor I’ve heard about the follow-up to the One X, although I can say it is the most detailed. Stuff Magazines trusty mole at HTC has dropped a load of specs our way, including the One X II’s codename …HTC Endeavour C2, catchy eh?

Next to the inspiring codename, the source details a 1.7GHz quad-core processor at the very heart of the Endeavour C2, it also sports a new and improved battery, a new colour (my bet is red, but we will see) and bundled UrBeats earphones.

We’re told the HTC Endeavour C2 is compatible with the One X’s accessories, suggesting the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree it seems.

Next the software side of things, HTC is adding ClearVoice to improve call quality and the Endeavour C2 will be the company’s first phone to run HTC Watch 2, the newest version of its video-on-demand service.

It looks very likely that the price of this new HTC ONE X will be on sale in the UK network deals offering the phone for around £5 more a month than the One X and the HTC Endeavour C2 expected to launch on or before 1st October.

What do you think?

Is this just the same old?

Was you hoping for something new?

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  1. No new design of the chassi? I think I'll stick with my onex then :)
    My second onex i should say, my first got water damaged, and the touchscreen is very subpar atm :/


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