Monday, 25 June 2012

The New Fifa 13 Preview

FIFA 13 Preview

Here it is FIFA 13, and it might well cause some problems with the fans first time around. Electronic Art’s world-beating football game comes loaded with a ton of tweaks and modifications to its game engine this time round. All together these little nips and tucks dramatically alter the overall FIFA experience, making it look, sound and feel more realistic.

Ever Since FIFA 08, Electronic Arts has worked hard to make its footy game play like real life. Well This year, the new features that have been announced focus on the unpredictability of the beautiful game, Euro 2012 anyone?

First of all, the most obvious change has to do with each players first-touch capabilities. In the previous games, the players could receive a lobbed pass as though the ball was glued to their foot. Now, the ball bounces and curls convincingly in the air, and a player’s ability to control it is dictated by their overall score. This opens up both defensive and offensive rethinks; a defender who is struggling to control a ball is easy picking for a good striker.
The players are able to push and pull each other and have a new capability to block other players running into space on the pitch. Fifas’ impact engine has also been yanked, so tackles no longer lead to unintentionally hilarious animations – instead, they look eye-wateringly painful to most.

Fifa Players have new dribbling controls. Like the ones from this year’s FIFA Street engine, FIFA 13 allows players to control the ball with pin point precision, and this is very simple to do – pull both triggers, toggle the left stick and you’re dancing.

Even more the game’s Free-Kick procedure has got better. Usually, players were had only a few options –to play the ball off to a nearby player? or go for glory towards goal? Well now, attackers have lots of options, including adding fake kick-takers, playing the ball into space and lob the ball forward for you to header it home.

The new defenders also have a set of options too when going up to a free kick They can add players to a wall, move their wall forward and mark potential header threats or storm towards the kick-taker once the ref blows.

Electronic Arts hasn’t publicized any features other than the new gameplay, really  it doesn’t need to tell us all. All the basics for their game ready and the game feels solid as a rock. The new FIFA 13 is a massive move forward from its last game FIFA 12 feels like an arcade game when you compare them both.

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